Money making opportunities abound for those with a positive outlook on life.
Learn more directly from Rick Solano, CPA, MST, Author, Educator, and
Strategic Business & Financial Counselor.


"Millionaire Mentality®" Workshop

Rick Solano, CPA, MST, Author

ALL DAY PROGRAM (9:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.)
Call 978-468-6528 to Schedule for 2012

Why Attend:  This program will provide you with a clear understanding of the mentality to achieve personal and financial success.

Your 10 Keys to Personal & Financial Success
Alternative Health Strategies
Personal & Family Survival Strategies
How To Recognize Financial Opportunies
Investment Alternatives:
     Your Business
     Real Estate
     Gold & Silver
Negotiation & The Art of Financial Success
Questions and Answers
Who Should Attend:   Anyone interested in achieving personal and financial success.

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