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“Rick Solano knows how to release the
inhibiting human attitudes that prevent a
better life, both mentally and spiritually.”

              Seminar Participant, JM, Editor

Transmitting the Positive - Stimulating  Messages to Spur Action

Rick Solano has achieved success, financial freedom, wealth and personal fulfillment. Author of The Power of a Millionaire Mentality®, he is frequently featured as a public or keynote speaker, giving inspirational “how to” success tips to others in old and new economy companies and businesses as well as organizations.  Comfortable with a wide range of audiences and groups, Solano engages everyone - reaching out to employees, managers, and executive leaders.  He provides listeners with tools to tap into the energy within them and take positive action to jump start growth and change in their lives. An expert in workplace leadership, Solano helps individuals in organizations and companies create an atmosphere of esprit de corps and connect to a more meaningful and productive work environment.

            “You have made a profound influence
             on myself and my family.  Thank you.”

             AT, MBA Business & Financial Consultant

Motivational Seminars - Catalysts for Success

The Power of a Millionaire Mentality® is about smart money, money making and how to get rich; however, it offers much more.  Solano points out, “Money or financial success will not buy happiness. It may, however, allow you the opportunity to do things that will bring you happiness and contentment, if you so choose…When you do good (because it is the right thing to do) you will find peace in your heart, an uplifting spirit, and a "Millionaire Mentality.

Through his seminars, Solano personally leads attendees to personal and financial success. These uplifting, interactive events offer participants positive strategies for growth and techniques for change in their personal, financial, and professional lives and reveal how to balance the practical, material side of human existence with the spiritual.

At the seminars participants will learn:

Powerful Techniques and Strategies

  • Recognize and eliminate pain and discomfort
  • The 3 ways to accumulate wealth
  • The key to success in investing
  • No body movement is without meaning

Rick Solano’s 10 Keys to Success

  • Attitude – When we get dressed in the morning, we put on our attitude…
  • Love like diamonds, is forever…
  • Health – The seven F’s of good fortune and balance…
  • Pain is the major motivating force for change…
  • Thinking Rich – What a wonderful sounding word…
  • Desire & Commitment should be the dominant force governing your actions and behavior…
  • Persistence is a form of courage…
  • Money is like horse manure…
  • Knowledge is good and ignorance is evil…
  • Timing is everything…

The sessions also cover:

  • How to Recognize Opportunities     Economics 101    Managing Risk and Diversification
    Happiness is a Positive Cash Flow
  • Investment Alternatives: – Your Own Business    Real Estate     Stocks    Others
  • Negotiations & Communications Strategies
  • Strategies to Survive the Downturn in the Economy

One participant summed up her experience at a Solano Millionaire Mentality® Seminar in this manner:

“You are a terrific man!  You are a terrific
motivator, and you are an extremely spiritual
person.  God wants you to help many people
with their businesses and empower them.  There
was a strong sense of brotherhood there for me
yesterday, a sense of truth that came from you,
and bonded with my heart.  I am so grateful for
that experience.  As I drove home, I held the
thought ‘and the woods came alive with people
from all over the world’!  I was thinking of your
space, Rick, a wonderful space.”

             RG, Businesswoman