Money making opportunities abound for those with a positive outlook on life.
Learn more directly from Rick Solano, CPA, MST, Author, Educator, and Strategic Business & Financial Counselor.


Strategies To Survive & Prosper
Come prepared to discuss strategies to protect
your family and increase your wealth!

Rick Solano, Author & Educator
Workshop Leader

(CPA. Arthur Anderson & Co., former IRS Supervisory Agent &
member of International Narcotic Traffickers Strike Force,
former US Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Trustee Panel Member, &
founder of the Foundation for Continuing Education)

Call for Scheduled Dates - 978-468-6528 -
Wenham: FCE Conference Center - 9:00-1:00 (.4 CEU)

Why Attend:   Attendees will receive Valuable Reference Materials especially prepared for this workshop, a special  Gardening tool, and Rick's book "The Power of a Millionaire Mentality®".

1. Wealth Protection - Will you be a Contrarian or a Victim?
2. What To Do Now - Will there be a Bank Holiday or Currency Reset in 2014?
3. Your Family - Should we have Food & Shelter Concerns?
4. Your Business - Should we Spend or Cut Back?
5. Your Retirement - Will my IRA, 401(k), Roth, etc. be Frozen?
6. Your Investments - What is this Bail-in all about?
7. Your Keys To Success - The Symbol and Keys to Success.
8. Questions and Answers - Problems and Opportunities

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